Individual Therapeutic Sound Sessions

“Sound has a healing vibration that can work on all parts of the Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit.”

Sound has been used as a catalyst for healing and spiritual growth by basically every culture in the world since the beginning of time. Sound is vibration that we perceive not only with our ears but with every cell in our body. We are energy beings and we vibrate within ourselves in concert with our environment. Sound creates a harmonious sense of calm centerness that resonates throughout our body, mind and spirit. Sound helps to reduce stress, creates expanded awareness and can provide an opening for creative ideas to come forth.

The Pyramid prides itself on coming to the forefront of alternative wellness therapies to improve overall health and wellness, thus we have begun to offer therapeutic vibrational sound into our offerings. Soak in the healing vibrations of sound and feel yourself connecting deeply to your best self.

What are the Benefits of Vibrational Sound?

Very simply, sounds moves energy. When we get stuck in our emotions, sound can be a powerful tool to help us release and let go of stuck energy in our bodies.  Quantum physics demonstrates that everything is made up of vibratory fields of physical body, emotions, mind and soul. Sound can cause different effects in each of these fields.  Since the human body is over 70 percent water sound travels five times more efficiently through water than air, sound vibration by the body is a highly efficient means for bringing the body into a state of balance and harmony. Consciously sound invokes emotional responses in us.  Subconsciously, it affects everything from the cells in our body to our soul.

Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state by using entrainment.  Through the process of entrainment, sounds can  transform negative, repressed emotions into a state of mental calmness that has direct and immediate effects on our physiology.  When you couple sound with pure intention and compassion, you create a powerful combination for the deepening awareness, healing and expanded spiritual consciousness.

What can I expect from my private sound session?

First, we will discuss your intentions and what you hope to gain from this session.  The more open you remain to the process,  the more benefits you will receive. The power of both practitioner and client intentions being in alignment sets the stage for positive sound experience.  Your session will consist of laying fully clothed on a massage table in a relaxing and calm environment. A combination of drums, rattles, crystal and metal singing bowls, chimes and bells will be used depending on areas requested to be worked on. In addition, intuitive voice will be used at different times during the session to add energy to the session.  The sound work is all intuitively based and each sound session will be different based on intentions and needs of the client.

Feel into the sound. Allow yourself to experience the vibrations and let the sound inform you.  Just experience whatever feelings and sensations that rise to the surface.  Let the sound wave be the carrier wave of your positive intention and come into the resonant field of universal vibration.  Allow the sound to create a frequency and vibration that is conducive for your own personal growth and healing. 

A one hour private therapeutic sound session is $85.

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