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APRIL 7: Relaxing Sound in the Salt Cave

Time: 10 - 1:00

Cost: $29

Meditation has been used for thousands of years across the continents to improve overall well-being,reduce stress, and enhance life enjoyment. Yet many of us are unsure what meditation actually is, or may feel that it is a strange practice, difficult to learn, or that they themselves cannot “sit still” long enough to do it.

In this introductory workshop with Pyramid founder William Kelley, participants will gain a clear understanding of what meditation is, with a specific focus on mindfulness-based practices that can be implemented immediately for both short - term and long - term benefit.

Who should take this workshop?

  • Are you stressed and looking for simple ways to reduce anxiety?
  • Do you think you cannot possibly meditate but would like to?
  • Do you long for better relationships and a better relationship with yourself?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping, focusing, concentrating or remembering?
  • Is your life amazing already and you want it even better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop might be for you.

Learn with someone who has been integrating meditation techniques into life for 25 years in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. We will cover the basics and explore variations to make meditation work for EVERYONE. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. The workshop will include information and experiential practice. Participants may choose to bring a blanket, pillow or yoga mat and should wear loose-fitting layered clothing.

April 8: Intuitive Readings with William Kelley

Time: 1:00 - 4:00

25 min: - $50

50 min: - $85

Join Pyramid founder & medium William Kelley, for an intuitive reading to help guide you along your life path.

Bill’s kind and gentle manner puts you at ease as he connects and shares messages you are meant to receive. Call 802-775-8080 to reserve your spot.

APRIL 15: Embracing the Divine Feminine - Lessons of Mary Magdalene

Time: 2:00 - 3:00

In this informal conversation,Eileen Gennette Coughlin, will share her adventures in Saint Baume, in the south of France, as she was guided to delve into the teachings, wisdom and sacred mysteries of Mary Magdalene and how this knowledge inspired new awareness and change in life path direction. After 2000 years, the spirit and teachings of “The Magdalene” is emerging as a force for our time.

Mary Magdalene’s messages are all about the heart centered energy of unconditional love and bringing the divine feminine forward ,in balance and union with the divine masculine. Mary Magdalene was a strong and powerful woman way ahead of her time and her messages are very relevant for today.

We will discuss the possibility of creating a supportive, caring network of strong women standing in our power and how we might want to join together to be the “change we want to see in our world.” There will be a possibility of future workshops delving into these teachings in more in-depth details. This conversation is not about religion but rather Eileen’s experiences and inspirational possibilities we take away from conversation. You take away that which rings true to your own heart.

APRIL 22: Aura Photo Interpretation for Intuitive Reading

Time: 12-4

Join Pyramid founder and medium William Kelley, for an intuitive reading to help guide you along your path or you have the option to have your aura photo taken and have an interpretation of what is taking place in your energy field at this moment in time. The colors showcase what spirit guides might be with you and what possible things may be coming into your life. Let your true colors shine and see what guidance your aura can share.

APRIL 22: Earth Day Interactive Sound ~ Sending Positive Vibrations

Time: 1:30 - 2:30

Lets join together in a community of vibrational sound and send this positive energy to the Earth and all her living things.

Bring your drums, rattles or instruments of choice as we get into a resonant field of vibration using the power of sound, community and positive intention to send healing vibrations of Peace ~ LOVE ~ Light to our Earth. Experience how good it feels to experience the connection that happens magically when we all work together with positive intent. In this group sound session, I will be christening my new large ceremonial buffalo drum as we all drum together on it, in the spirit of community sound in honor of our Earth!

No experience necessary. All are welcome. We will have a LIMITED number of drums and rattles for use. Anyone wanting to participate in more detail, please email Eileen at with your ideas!

MAY 6: Intuitive Readings with William Kelley

Time: 12:00 - 4:00

25 min: - $50

50 min: - $85

Join Pyramid founder & medium William Kelley, for an intuitive reading to help guide you along your life path.

Bill’s kind and gentle manner puts you at ease as he connects and shares messages you are meant to receive. Call 802-775-8080 to reserve your spot.

MAY 20: Music & Vibration to Balance Your Chakras

Time: 1:00 - 3:00

Cost: $35

In this workshop, join Pyramid owner, Eileen Gennette Coughlin, and Pyramid founder, William Kelley, to explore the universal language of music and vibrations to balance your chakras. This workshop combines both informational as well as experiential components for you to feel the power of vibrational sound and how you can use it to balance your body, mind and spirit.

Learn about your chakra system, the energy system in your body, the social/emotional components, the Sanskrit seed sounds and musical notes associated with each chakra. Listen to clips of modern music corresponding to your chakras and how you can use these songs to your benefit. Also learn about binaural beats and how to use them to access a meditative state.

You will then relax into a combined guided vocal meditation and vibrational sound bath using a chakra crystal singing bowl set, drums, metal singing bowls and  chimes to bring all chakras into harmony and balance. Leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, balanced and with knowledge to do your own chakra balancing at home


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