Welcome to the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center

“A Place to Grow & Discover it’s all Within!”

The Pyramid is a full service wellness center offering classes, wellness products, services and experiential opportunities for Mind ~Body ~Soul. The Pyramid believes that holistic health is actually an approach to life and is a form of healing that considers the whole person in the quest for optimal health and wellness. Whether you are receiving a wellness treatment, shopping in the marketplace, taking a class, or just stopping in for a moments breather, every element was put in place with thoughtful intention to help you relax and feel a little bit better than when you walked in the door.

Our intention is to provide a heart centered place of community where people can come and explore a variety of wellness experiences, services and classes for relaxation, balance, growth and expansion. We provide a variety of immersion wellness experiences to help you connect to your own inner wisdom and gifts. We are a community of like minded people wanting to make a difference and help you to meet your wellness and spiritual goals by focusing on the mind ~ body ~ soul connection. We provide the environment for you to cultivate your own light seeds of potential to grow your own beautiful garden.

‘We must walk down paths which unfold before us. We are here to LEARN, EVOLVE, GROW and to LOVE. Choose the path you FEEL in your heart.”

Explore our site and see what resonates with you, take action and experience what you are meant to. YOU are the key to that which you seek. We look forward to meeting you at the Pyramid!

-  Peace ~ Love ~ Light  -

Light & Sound Journey Rooms

The Light & Sound Journey Rooms were created as an environment to tune into yourself, using the alchemy of light, sound, color and environment for a personal journey within. 

Light and sound are ancient ways of perceiving and receiving information that extends beyond the five senses.  Allow your mind to be still and absorb everything around you.   Give yourself permission to release control and just be. 

Himalayan Salt Cave

The Pyramid Salt Cave was the first public Himalayan salt cave built in United States. The Pyramid Salt Cave is crafted of natural materials and 16,000 pounds of Himalayan salt and designed to look like a European salt mine. The cave has a cozy feeling with an electric fireplace in the corner, glowing lanterns and the warm pink glow of the salt lamps reflecting off the cave walls creating an environment of protection and nurturance.


At the Pyramid, we believe that all aspects of the individual, body, mind and spirit contributes to a balance lifestyle.  Our fitness and yoga classes help you get in touch with your body and builds the strength and confidence of the overall individual. You will find effective, safe, fun and motivational classes to meet a variety of fitness levels at an affordable price.

Amethyst Biomat Sessions

Experience the benefits of detoxification, natural pain and stress relief with a relaxing amethyst biomat session. This state of the art technology synergies the three healing components of negative ion generation, far infrared light generation and amethyst crystals , offering a unique combination of therapeutic benefits to support your body and mind to a higher level of well being.


Although some people consider massage to be a luxury, we believe that it is a vital component of every wellness program. Given the physical and emotional stressors in human life, people need the relief offered from regular meetings with a professional massage therapist. Therefore, massage is one of the services offered at the Pyramid.

Individual Sound Sessions

Sound has been used as a catalyst for healing and spiritual growth by basically every culture in the world since the beginning of time. Sound is vibration that we perceive not only with our ears but with every cell in our body. We are energy beings and we vibrate within ourselves in concert with our environment. Sound creates a harmonious sense of calm centerness that resonates throughout our body, mind and spirit. Sound helps to reduce stress, creates expanded awareness and can provide an opening for creative ideas to come forth.

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