9 AM - Jump Start Fitness                  William Kelley           Pyramid Wellness

10:30 AM - Sun Salutation Yoga     Darlene Perry            Pyramid Wellness

12 PM - Yoga Relaxation                     William Kelley            Pyramid Wellness

2 PM - Yin Ashtanga Yoga                  Selina Ferrandino     Pyramid wellness


9 AM - Primary Ashtanga Yoga       Selina Ferrandino     Pyramid Wellness

3 PM - Blended fitness/yoga             William Kelley            Pyramid Wellness

5 PM - Guided Meditation                 Pyramid Staff              Pyramid Wellness

5:30 PM - Kripalu Yoga                        Jennifer Coleman     Pyramid Wellness

5:30 PM - Cardio Kickboxing            William Kelley           Diamond Run Mall

6 PM - Ashtanga Primary Yoga        Selina Ferrandino    Pyramid Wellness


6 AM - Morning Vinyasa Flow          Selina Ferrandino     Pyramid Wellness

8 AM - Step Aerobics                             Pam Proulx                   Pyramid Wellness

3 PM - Blended Fitness/Yoga            William Kelley            Pyramid Wellness

4:30 PM - Kickboxing w/Weights   William Kelley            Fitness Made Fun

5:45 PM - Spin                                            Kelly Pratico                Pyramid Wellness

6 PM - Kung Fu/Escrima                       Robert Bride               Pyramid Wellness


3 PM - PiYo Live                                         William Kelley            Pyramid Wellness

4:15 PM - Ashtanga Yoga                     Selina Ferrandino     Pyramid Wellness

5:35 PM - Step Aerobics                       Laurie Cornelius       Pyramid Wellness

6:45 PM - Drumline MASHUP          William Kelley            Pyramid Wellness


12 PM - Kripalu Yoga                             Jennifer Coleman     Pyramid Wellness

3 PM - Blended Fitness and Yoga   William Kelley            Pyramid Wellness

5:30 PM - Kripalu Yoga                        Jennifer Coleman     Pyramid Wellness

5:30 PM - Kickboxing w/weights    William Kelley            Club Fitness - N. Main St.

6:45 PM - Cardio Kickboxing             William Kelley           Pyramid Wellness


9 AM - Ashtanga Yoga                           Selina Ferrandino     Pyramid Wellness

12 PM - Vinyasa Power Hour           Selina Ferrandino     Pyramid Wellness

6 PM - Kung Fu/Escrima                      Robert Bride                Pyramid Wellness


9 AM - Spin                                                  Kelly Pratico                 Pyramid Wellness

At Pyramid Wellness, classes are held in our beautiful, historically significant Ballroom Studio, the Cairo Club, or in the Illumination Studio.

Please dress in loose-fitting, layered clothing and bring a bottle of water (we also sell bottled water in the Wellness Marketplace!)

Please no street shoes in the studio.

Please bring your own fitness or Yoga mat for sanitary purposes,  although we do have some to borrow and some for sale.

Contact us at 802-775-8080 for more information about classes,  instructors, and our special fitness and wellness packages.

Participating in a Pyramid class means that you agree to  consult your physician before starting any new exercise routine, that you understand that participating in any physical activity involves some risk, and you agree to assume that risk and hold the Pyrmaid and its instructors harmless in the event of an injury.

Hour yoga classes with Jen Coleman, Darlene Perry, and William Kelley are just $8/class.

Longer classes with Selina Ferrandino and Robert Bride are just $10/class.

All other classes are $6/class drop-in or purchase an unlimited fitness package (currently $35 for 30 days!) to get all classes with William Kelley, Kelly Pratico, Pam Proulx, and Laurie Cornelius. Special package also includes unlimited online classes. Stop by the Pyramid for more information.

Classes offsite are included in the special Pyramid membership package—with William Kelley, Mondays at Club Fitness in the Diamond Run Mall, Tuesdays at Fitness Made Fun in the Howe Center, and Thursdays at Club Fitness on North Main Street. For questions about this, please contact